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It is with great joy as we look at what we have accomplished so far. This newsletter is a manifestation of what we have done and are currently doing. iLINOVA solutions which target two main developmental areas ensure that we not only link to all stakeholders in indigenous livestock value chain, but we also bring them on board to share their knowldege, experience, challenges and opportunities. We pride ourselves as having made huge steps in empowering indigenous livestock farmers and developing capacity.

It is indeed great to know that the programme has developed a communication and visibility plan, both scientific and stakeholders summer schools have been conducted at Egerton University, and research mentorship programme has been developed at Obafemi Awolowo University. In Malawi, iLINOVA has identified opportunities for smallhoder beef farmers. In addition, the programme has partly contributed to the success of the ‘Seeds of Gold magazine’ in Kenya, a platform that allows farmers and policy makers to exchange information. Renovation of the Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business (CoELIB) is completed. The centre is being used to strengthen research and other capacities.

We are inspired by what we can achieve. We hope our newsletter gets a wider readership to enhance adoption of our outputs. You can also get a copy of the newsletter online and help us circulate it widely.

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