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The CoELIB Incubar is an agribusiness incubator in the livestock value chain with dierent subsidiaries for dierent livestock species and products. The Incubar facilitates the development of agribusiness enterprises in the livestock value chain and supports growth of businesses in a conducive environment linking universities, research institutions and the private sector. In addition it supports curriculum reform and improved delivery mechanism to enhance production of agribusiness entrepreneurs and innovators in the livestock value chain and beyond. The Incubar is owned by the Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business, which is located at Egerton University, Department of Animal Sciences.

Our Mission

Create an environment for the growth of agribusinesses and innovative ideas in the livestock value chain by identifying problems aecting agribusiness in the livestock value chain and thereafter provide relevant information. Link with relevant organizations and network with both the public and private domain and at the same time attract funding and investment.

Our Vision

To be a leading recognised agribusiness incubator in Sub-Saharan Africa for the creation of competitive agribusinesses and livestock enterprises.

Our Services

• Graduate Internship
• Mentorship for start-up agribusinesses
• Infrastructure support
• Consultancy services
• Networking
• Agribusiness trainings
• Extension and agricultural support services

Our Clientele

• Graduate students
• Start-ups in the livestock value chain
• Academia
• Agricultural entrepreneurs and start-ups
• Farmers
• Labour industry

 The following companies are being incubated:-

  1. Ukulima Frontline
  2. Prima Gallus
  3. Mazao Millers
  4. M-FUGO
  5. Token Network

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Location Njoro - Mau Narok Road, P.O. Box 536, Egerton

Telephone +254. 51. 221. 7684/5

Fax +254. 51. 221. 7682

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