Genomic Selection in Livestock

The summer school on Genomic selection in Livestock was held on 1st-9th February 2016 at Egerton University and the Africa Centre for Clinical Trials, Nairobi. A total of twenty five participants drawn from Kenya(Egerton University and Usomi Genomics), Nigeria( Obafemi Awolowo Univrsity), Malawi( Lilongwe University of Natural Resources and Agriculture) and the United States of America(Iowa State University).

The following was covered during the summer school; introduction to simple linear models and the simulation of data for such models using Julia, the theory and application of least squares, introduction to Marker Chain Monte Carlo(MCMC), application of MCMC for statistical inference using simple linear regression and multiple linear regression, theory and conventional application of pedigree-based mixed linear models to predict breeding values and collecting of data in the field among others. Lab practical sessions were also conducted at the Africa Center for Clinical Trials.




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